Video Tutorials

YouTube Demonstrations

I now have a YouTube channel containg a series of watercolour demonstration videos, you can find my YouTube channel at Adrian Homersham YouTube youtube link.

A few of my latest demonstrations are included below:

Spring Meadow



"Beautiful painting. Thank you for the video. You have such a light touch with the brushes and it creates such distinctive shapes and colors."

"Inspire me so much freedom & skill, wish I will allow myself to go on this road, thank you so much for sharing!"


"Every time I watch one of your videos I get about halfway through and think, that's it. Then you add more colour or splatter, and I think, that's it. No, then you add something else and it's even more brilliant than before. Amazing. Just love it. You make it look so easy."


"So beautiful, yet not intimidating.... Thank you for sharing."



Coastal Tree



"Totally inspiring.. Love the work!"


"What an incredibly beautiful picture! A real masterpiece..... so light and so intense! Thank you for sharing it with us."


"I just love it! Thank you!"






"I adore your work....... loved to watch the whole journey.....thank you. What brush do you start off with? And I love the music.... who is it? thank you for sharing your knowledge!"


"Adrian I'm so glad to have found you I'm an intermediate watercolour artist. I am in complete contrast live in East London nearby forest and parkland. Your expressive tree video mark making started me onto thr road of expressive watercolour. Thank you"